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22-Dec-2018 07:23

Following up our showing of the classic “Frankenstein” last week, we have another original first appearance of one of the most iconic monsters in the Universal horror gallery- the tragic tale of young Larry Talbot- whose return to his ancestral home to heal old family rifts results in his being victim of a supernatural curse- that leaves him doomed forever to spend each full moon as- the “Wolf Man”!

Larry has made the trip from America back to Talbot Castle in Wales, after the death of his brother.

In fact, his bushy facial hair was so iconic that it entered the International Mustache Hall of Fame, and yes, there is such as thing.

The 72-year-old has a long term relationship with his furry feature, in fact it has been his signature look for almost as long as his entire career. lead star’s success didn’t come so easily for the young actor and he couldn’t be categorized as an overnight sensation.

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Larry is fascinated by his father’s new telescope, and , while trying it out, ends up peeping at an attractive young shop girl in town.) You can find info and ticket information at current list of all appearances will be released first to our newsletter subscribers, but, shortly after that-be watching under our “appearances” tab for the full list- which are subject to addition and/or change, so make sure you check back often.But, tonight- be pure of heart, and say your prayers by night- and don’t skimp on the wolfsbane- we’ll expect you out on the moors of Me TV!These are 29 secrets and facts from the show which ran for eight seasons and was ranked as one of the most beloved American television series of all time.

Tom Selleck was known for many things, but his mustache definitely one of his most iconic features.

Our Sven Halloween season tour really gets rolling next weekend, with the Chicago Ghost Conference at the Brauerhouse in Lombard, IL (come meet me, get an autograph, take a photo)- find info at that fans in or near northwest Indiana should enjoy is a Halloween costume party with yours truly at the Chicago Street Theatre in Valparaiso- followed by their presentation of the musical “Hair”!